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Turecko Belek
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Western Slovakia
Most of tourists going to Slovakia mostly visit its central and Eastern part but the West has also something to expose.

Travelling accross Europe
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Travelling with Golf Fee Card
Take the advantage of the Golf Fee Card and save up to tens of thousands CZK on local or world golf courses, hotels or car rentals.

Golfing at the Foot of Castles II
Another selection from our series Golfing at the Foot of Castles. We are now visiting South Bohemia...

Golfing at the Foot of Castles I
There are many castles, fortresses, strongholds, cloisters, ruins and other historical sites in Bohemia and Moravia. And since golf is sweeping our country in the form of golf courses going up everywhere, it is very easy to combine the game in many places with a tour of landmarks stretching back many years into history.

Liberec region
There is a wide choice of golf courses (72 holes in total) as well as other attractive places worth visiting in the Liberec region.